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Acupuncture in The Hague for a vital and pain-free life.
My name is Mandy Hopman, acupuncturist and owner of AKI Acupuncture & Balance in The Hague. It is my mission to help you with your complaints as best as possible, so you can enjoy life again. With my knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and basic Western medical knowledge, I ensure that you can relax and work on recovery and healing.

Acupuncture is effective, pain-free and safe. The World Health Organization published this list of diseases and complaints that research shows that acupuncture is very effective.

Many (international) clients have preceded you and know the valuable effect of acupuncture. I also hope to meet you at AKI Acupuncture & Balance in The Hague.

acupuncture the hague
acupuncture the hague

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

And have you already tried everything for a good night sleep?


Are you hampered by back pain?

And do you notice that this affects your daily functioning?


Is headache the rule rather than the exception?

And do you sometimes feel irritable and tired?

I suffered from extreme fatigue and was close to burnout. Thanks to acupuncture I have become much more balanced and I feel when I need to take a rest. Mandy’s advice on lifestyle also helped me a lot during this period. I feel fit again and have much more energy.

Laura, 43 years

Legal services, The Hague

Thanks to acupuncture, my knee pain is almost gone. This allows me to run (half) marathons again and to move the way I want.
This acupuncturist has helped me a lot, thank you.

Richard de Jong, 55 years

Personnel manager

Do you want energy again and would you like to get rid of your complaints?

I can help you with acupuncture


An acupuncture treatment at AKI Acupuncture & Balance in The Hague takes 45-60 minutes. The goal of acupuncture is to restore the Qi (energy) balance and thus also make any pain disappear.

Based on a number of questions about your health, I draw up a treatment plan. I also feel your pulse and look at the tongue. This is necessary to make a proper diagnosis.
I then place wafer-thin sterile needles at special points in the body. By using so-called meridians and the specific action of certain acupuncture points, you will notice that you relax during the treatment. The needles are painless and remain in place for about 20-25 minutes. This depends on the effect to be achieved.

In addition to acupuncture, I also use other methods from traditional Chinese medicine such as: guasha, cupping, ear acupuncture, electro acupuncture and moxa. To ensure the best effect.




Acupuncture from AKI Acupuncture & Balance is in many cases reimbursed by health insurers from the supplementary insurance. The advantage is that this is not deducted from your own risk insurance. Look here for the reimbursement overview 2024.

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Frequently asked questions

Does acupuncture hurt?

In principle, acupuncture does not hurt. However, inserting the needle can sometimes be a little painful for a moment or give a kind of small shock. This goes away almost immediately and is harmless.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is more than 2000 years old and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The core of this teaching is that illness and pain are caused by disturbances in the energy system. These disturbances can be repaired by inserting needles. In this way, acupuncture encourages the body and mind to heal itself.

Can children also be treated with acupuncture?

Children can certainly be treated with acupuncture. I then use smaller and even thinner needles. The residence time of the needles will also be a lot shorter than with adults. Children react faster to the action of the needles. Acupuncture for children can be very effective for insomnia, abdominal pain, bedwetting and ADHD.

What are the side effects of acupuncture?

Sometimes you can feel drowsy or tired after a treatment, or very energetic. The complaints can sometimes worsen after treatment. It is because the body reacts to the treatment. This will decrease on its own. In case of persistent complaints, please contact me.

Is there evidence that acupuncture works?

There are more and more studies showing the positive effect of acupuncture on health.

For example, the Acupuncture Evidence Project study from 2017 found evidence that acupuncture was effective to varying degrees in different conditions. 122 diseases were examined, of which only 5 had no observable effect.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture?

No, you don’t have to believe in acupuncture. Acupuncture is very down to earth, the needles do the work. In some cases, you will also be expected to make a lifestyle adjustment to ensure that your complaints disappear or reduce. Then it’s of course necessary that you are motivated to make a change. 


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Acupuncture in The Hague

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